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Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine

Life coaching, counseling, and energy medicine


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In our fast-paced culture, just about everyone feels stressed…by work demands, schedules and deadlines if nothing else.  But it’s not necessary to stay stressed, and you don’t have to quit your job to get some relief.  It’s also not necessary to learn to meditate or do yoga or Tai Chi, though those certainly help when you can do them.

Let’s look more closely at what you’re feeling stressed by, and I’ll offer some ways you can help... Read more

A human life is an amazing opportunity to experience physical possibilities, to use your soul’s ability to manifest in physicality, and also to grow spiritually. Life is even more fun when you realize you’re really the one in charge of your experience! You have choice about how you think about and experience difficult circumstances; in fact, those “difficult” circumstances may be exactly what you need to burst out of your comfortable cocoon... Read more

When we’re feeling nervous, anxious, worried, moving too fast and thinking too much, all our energy is focused in our minds and we’re not really in our bodies. We may feel harried, frantic and even panicky. If we’re having this kind of experience, we can be pretty sure that we’re disconnected energetically from the earth, and the various energies that are flying through our systems are not grounded.

... Read more

Let’s say you’ve just stubbed your toe (or wrenched your back picking up a package or a child). Or maybe you have a cold, or a cold sore, or PMS, or even something more serious. Or maybe you feel blocked or fearful about something, and you want to heal that situation. Is there anything you can do to work with your body/mind to improve the situation rapidly? (Yes, we know you can take aspirin or an antihistamine, but those don’t really heal;... Read more

Feeling stuck in some part of your life—or in your whole life?   Maybe you’re just dissatisfied.  That’s great because feeling dissatisfied can lead us to make a positive change.  But what if you’re really feeling stuck?  When we’re stuck, something in us keeps us feeling blocked, and our energy isn’t moving.  The stuckness may affect our whole life, or just a part of it.  If we’re feeling really stuck, we may call it depression, anger,... Read more

Energy psychology is a leading-edge approach to emotional, mental, and spiritual health. In simple, direct ways, it can address and clear all kinds of debris from the past, and open new paths to the future. The energy psychology approach that I like best is Tapas... Read more

I’m on the 7 a.m. Eastern Shuttle to New York from Washington, a trip I’ve taken countless times. Today I’m scheduled for a 10 a.m. meeting with AT&T managers at 22 Cortlandt St., across from the World Trade Center. It’s mid-1979.

We’re at cruising altitude, and I’m in a window seat. Outside are clouds — pleasant, white, puffy ones. It was a little chilly on the way to the airport, but the sun is out, and it should be fine as the... Read more

Suppose you've just received bad news—or it's good news, but it has turned your life upside down!  Or you're seriously stressed about a difficult life situation.  If you have your Rescue Remedy with you, you have instant help.  The Bach Rescue Remedy, actually a combination of five essences, is probably the best-known flower essence product in the world.  (The same combination... Read more

Energy medicine operates within a holistic world view.  It is not really useful to attempt to make strong distinctions in terms of which modalities affect the physical body and which affect the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person.  One can say that herbal medicine and homeopathy are used most frequently for physical concerns, and that flower essences are used most frequently for mental, emotional and spiritual concerns.... Read more

I hope you can honestly answer: “My heart is happy today; my heart feels peaceful and at ease about my life and my relationships.” If your heart is truly happy a lot of the time, you are doing well and your positive feelings are helping to heal the planet.

But maybe your heart really isn’t happy; maybe it is holding grief, old trauma, rocky relationships, frustration or anger. ... Read more